What started out as humble beginnings in 1966 as a small home-based business and an idea to create “A beautiful way to remember” special occasions, has now grown into a strong foundation, documenting memories for over 50 years.


With an efficient organised team and Stuart Wood, AKA “The Funny Guy”, in the lead, we capture the best possible happy smile from your child so you have “A beautiful way to remember” their school days.


With professionally finished photos and different packages to suit everyone’s needs, we guarantee to capture the smile, growth and journey of your child in their final years of school and towards their graduation.


Don Wood Photography excels in producing pre-school photographs in a fun-loving natural environment. With happy friendly staff and “Can Do” attitudes, we make sure to get the best smiles from your little ones.


Be proud of the achievements you’ve made as a sports team, it’s a time in your life you will never forget. Being a part of a sport team isn’t always about winning it’s a time in your life where you’ve gained the ability to make decisions and have fun at the same time.


Award winning photography together with unparalleled resources gives us the ability to capture your product in the best light. Whether it be architecture, furniture, or sporting goods, we have the knowledge and experience to capture that image, live to laptop or card.